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HDKI headquarters instructors Ross and Ru discuss their karate lives and their karate adventures.

About the show

We are Ross and Ru, full time karate instructors at the HDKI Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Teaching and training under Scott Langley Sensei, we are dedicated to developing our level physically and mentally. After morning trainings, weekend seminars, or informal pad sessions, when our bodies are recovering, our minds are still working. This podcast is a vehicle for our musings on karate. We talk theory, training methods, teaching methods, and general chit chat about happenings in the karate world, as well as sharing stories about our dojo life.

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  • Episode 1: New years, conditioning, hikite and ego

    15 March 2019  |  54 mins 7 secs
    conditioning, ego, hikite, karate, martial arts, strength, training

    In our first ever podcast, we discuss some karate related topics we think the people will enjoy.