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HDKI headquarters instructors Ross and Ru discuss their karate lives and their karate adventures.

About the show

We are Ross and Ru, full time karate instructors at the HDKI Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Teaching and training under Scott Langley Sensei, we are dedicated to developing our level physically and mentally. After morning trainings, weekend seminars, or informal pad sessions, when our bodies are recovering, our minds are still working. This podcast is a vehicle for our musings on karate. We talk theory, training methods, teaching methods, and general chit chat about happenings in the karate world, as well as sharing stories about our dojo life.

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  • Episode 12: Great vengeance and furious anger!

    26 August 2019  |  45 mins 32 secs
    black belt, customer service, dojo, dublin, fails, fitness, grading, hdki karate, hombu dojo, karate, kata, kids, kihon, kumite, martial arts, nidan, ohio, parents, ross stewart, ru mew, scott langley, shotokan, tabata, training, yondan

    With Kevin Downard Sensei from Ohio, our current intern, we talk about getting out students ready for grading and dealing with difficult parents.

  • Episode 11: How to be Zen

    9 August 2019  |  1 hr 6 mins
    anxiety, dublin, environment, flow, full contact, hdki, hombu dojo, injury, instructor, internship, ireland, karate, kenshusei, kickboxing, kumite, martial arts, mental health, mindset, ohio, panic, podcast, richard amos, ross stewart, ru mew, scott langley, shotokan, sparring, tabata, training, usa, wtko, zen

    Our ninth intern, Kevin Downard Sensei from HDKI Ohio joins us to talk about his karate background and his expectations for the internship. We touch on some karate politics along the way, but we managed to be very diplomatic! We then responded to a listener question which had us talking about how to avoid fear and anxiety when sparring.

  • Episode 10: Competition!

    26 July 2019  |  1 hr 23 secs
    competition, confidence, fails, fitness, gyaku zuki, hdki, hdki karate, hombu dojo, karate, ross stewart, ru mew, scott langley, shotokan, skif, squad, strategy, tactics, team, training, well being

    After our annual national championship, we sat down for a good long chat about the competition itself, about the competing spirit, and training for competitions.

  • Episode 9: Tommy Sensei joins us for beers and karate banter

    24 July 2019  |  41 mins 45 secs
    fails, guinness, jesse enkamp, karate, kata, richard amos, rick hotton, ross stewart, ru mew, scott langley, self defense, sensei, shotokan, shu ha ri, steve ubl, tommy butler

    Episode 9 is a direct continuation of episode 8. These two episodes go together. After Tommy had finished training he went for a beer run and then sat down and joined the discussion. We covered a lot, including Shu-Ha-Ri, kata applications, self-defense and of course the fails of the week!

  • Episode 8: Role models, solo training, senior/junior relationships

    23 July 2019  |  38 mins 34 secs
    dojo, feminism, hdki, karate, kata, role models, ross stewart, ru mew, scott langley, seminars, shotokan, solo training

    Episodes 8 and 9 are essentially parts 1 and 2 of the same episode. We went on a marathon recording session as we had so much to discuss. Once again we spent some time talking about females in the dojo and the unique challenges they face, this time with regards karate role models. Then we talked about solo training, it's pros and cons, and how your relationships with your doki effects your training.

  • Episode 7: Guy Brodeur Sensei and Scott Langley Sensei on kata, bunkai, Steve Ubl, teaching and learning.

    14 June 2019  |  1 hr 1 min
    bunkai, guy brodeur, hdki, hombu dojo, instruction, karate, kata, martial arts, ross stewart, ru mew, scott langley, shotokan, shotokan canada, slower, steve ubl

    Ross and Ru sat down with Guy Brodeur, his student Jean Phillipe, and Scott Langley Sensei to talk about ... karate! We covered a lot of topics and found Guy and Scott to be over flowing with martial arts wisdom.

  • Episode 6: Cross training, gradings and visiting instructors.

    20 May 2019  |  1 hr 3 mins

    Ross and Ru talk about cross training with other martial arts, our own upcoming gradings and also about all the fantastic Sensei we have visiting us in Dublin this year.

  • Episode 5: Andrea Carbon Sensei on solo training, women in karate and more.

    2 May 2019  |  28 mins 18 secs
    andrea carbon, cold training, competition, dublin, exercise, feminism, hdki, hdki karate, hombu dojo, kangeiko, karate, karate adventures, kata, kumite, lancashire, martial arts, podcast, ross stewart, ru mew, scott langley, sensei, sexism, shu ha ri, solo training, training, women in martial arts

    We sat down with Andrea Carbon Sensei during Kangeiko 2019 to talk about being a female instructor as well as sharing our experiences of training alone and generally having some chit chat about our karate lives!

  • Episode 4: Tommy Butler Sensei on karate, life, and his Karate Life!

    22 April 2019  |  46 mins 46 secs
    5th dan, aiden trimble, chef, dojo life, exercise, godan, hdki, hombu dojo, karate, karate adventures, karate life, kata, kawasoe, kitchen, martial arts, podcast, richard amos, ross stewart, ru mew, scott langley, sensei, shotokan, sochin, tekki sandan, tekki shodan, tommy butler, training

    Tommy Butler Sensei, 5th Dan HDKI is everyone's favourite Sempai here at the Hombu Dojo in Dublin. Always eager to help others, always enthusiastic and VERY good at kata. In this episode he talks to us about all the experiences he has gathered on his journey so far.

  • Episode 3: Teaching kids, women in the dojo and in MMA, "practical" karate, karate combat.

    4 April 2019  |  55 mins 10 secs
    dojo, hdki karate, hombu dojo, kangeiko, karate, kumite, practical karate, ross stewart, ru mew, women in martial arts

    Today we discuss the formula used in the dojo for keeping kids enganged during karate class. We talk about the recent influx of adult females into karate, also the UFC's promotion of female competitors. We move on to a brief conversation about the notion of practical karate and "karate combat", the new full-contact competition. Finally, as always, to keep ourselves humble, we reveal our FAILs of the week.

  • Episode 2: Scott Sensei talks the infinite game, organisations and Shu-Ha-Ri.

    24 March 2019  |  59 mins 8 secs

    We convinced Scott Langley Sensei to join us for our second episode to have a discussion about his approach to running an international karate organisation, inspiration from Simon Sinek, and Shu-Ha-Ri.

  • Episode 1: New years, conditioning, hikite and ego

    15 March 2019  |  54 mins 7 secs
    conditioning, ego, hikite, karate, martial arts, strength, training

    In our first ever podcast, we discuss some karate related topics we think the people will enjoy.